SOFPREP Training Program


Becoming a Navy SEAL or other Special Operator is a notoriously challenging multi-phase process that tests character, mental fortitude, physical capabilities and teamwork.  For SEALS, the process lasts a minimum of 85 weeks before being awarded the Navy SEAL Trident and assignment to a SEAL Team. 


Many potential recruits spend up to a year in physical preparation simply to attain a passing score on the required Physical Screening Test (PST) – and a merely passing score is no guarantee – SEAL & Special Ops Candidates are expected to excel.  The physical benchmarks for entry are just the first step in the process.  Many candidates fail to anticipate the mental toughness and teambuilding skills required to truly succeed and complete the BUD/S program and earn their Trident – for good reason, only 1 out of 3 or 4 candidates who are even given the chance to attempt will succeed. According to the Navy SEAL Ethos, a Navy SEAL is a “common man with an uncommon desire to succeed.”  Although the opportunity to join the nation’s most elite military team is open to everyone, a striking inequality of races that comprise the Navy SEALs exists. According to recent date from the Department of Defense, less than 16% of all Navy SEALs come from minority backgrounds.  

Only 2% of Navy SEAL Officers are African-American, and an even lower percentage can be found amongst the general SEAL population.One of our main purposes is to seek out young men from all walks of life who are dedicated to becoming the next generation of Special Operations Forces and provide them with the training required. This is where Proteus SOFPREP becomes vital to a BUD/S Candidate.  A simple strength training and running or swimming program may help a recruit pass the PST.  Few programs have our experience combined with fitness knowledge to adequately prepare candidates for the discomfort, seeming physical or mental torture and teamwork/leadership skills required to earn a SEAL Trident.  Proteus Academy does not offer novelty day or week-long bootcamps just to sample BUD/S Training – we prepare the next generation of elite warriors every single day.


The Program

The Proteus SOFPREP (Special Operations Forces Preparatory) is a program designed to prepare recruits with physical and mental fortitude. Whether SEAL, SWCC, EOD, DIVER (or any other SOF specialty), this program will give those individuals the tools to be successful not only in the military, but in life. With area staffing in this arena consisting of active duty and former SEAL Team members, each individual will receive a one-on-one mentor to help guide those interested in this career choice. Not only strength and conditioning, but mental fortitude, self-discipline, teamwork, and selflessness, are at the core or our program.


Our participants meet regularly with active duty and former SEAL Team members who spend time encouraging and preparing them for a career in the military. They learn to implement ethical core values in all areas of life. Our mentors help students prepare for physical screening tests and give them strategic guidance with recruiters. At Proteus we are training young men & women to become respected leaders in life. The most effective leaders are those who “lead from the front.” This means they lead by example in thought, word and deed. Teaching by example and serving as an unbiased mentor will lead to increased motivation, retention, and confidence and a proven advantage for success. This is a valuable tool provided by individuals who have sacrificed everything for a life of service.


The Proteus fitness component prepares participants physically & mentally for what they will be required to accomplish while rising to the top in any competitive environment. Training occurs in our dedicated facility, in the pool, ocean and streets. They will also learn the importance of teamwork, mental fortitude, and meeting the challenge head on. BUD/S training is the toughest military training in the world and has a 75%-80% attrition rate. When candidates leave our SOFPREP training they will be prepared and experience a significantly higher success rate in selection. Our team members understand the meaning of “Don’t ever, ever ring the bell.”


A key component to our overall health and physical performance that is sometimes overlooked is diet. Our professional trainers and nutritionists emphasize meal planning and diet. We will detail the simple science behind food choices and how to incorporate them by choosing from basic food options that have the different nutrients your body needs. A lifestyle change of healthy eating will make sure that their body is performing at its peak for the high-demand workouts & intense physical training.


Our training program not only give dedicated and diverse young men the highest probability for getting into Special Operations Schools but preparing them to become the next generation of respected leaders in the community and at home. Providing a high-quality program for the young men who want to serve our great nation and local community is costly. The monthly cost for our full-spectrum Proteus SOFPREP Training is $400 per person and most young recruits are unable to pay for this type of training on their own.

With this financial hurdle preventing many of the best applicants from participating in our elite preparatory program, we are excited to announce that we have received our 501(c)(3) status to launch Proteus Academy, Inc. Through the generosity and financial support of the community, individual donors and our corporate sponsors, we are able to offer this training at reduced or no cost to qualified & committed participants. Proteus Academy strives to be a partner alongside disadvantaged young men who want to dedicate their lives to serving our country in our most elite military units and you can help make that dream a reality. Please consider generously supporting our mission.


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