Our mission is to provide clients with workout plans to reach their personal fitness goals and lead a healthy life as well as provide future elite warriors for the physical & mental rigors of Special Operator training, and empower military families by providing a support network of resources, activities, and mentorship to help them thrive with the additional challenges faced by family member deployment, training and shifting base assignments.



There are many programs in place to support Veterans post-service, but very few programs that provide support to active duty military families. Many families are faced not only with raising children, but to do it in an ever-changing environment where one parent is usually deployed or away from home. Proteus Academy provides an environment where both military parents and children have a support structure to grow, achieve and thrive.


Founded in 2013 by as a no-nonsense, no-frills gym for a Navy SEAL – inspired fitness program, Proteus Fitness & Training, as it was then called, specialized in Athletic Team Training and group fitness classes.  We also were home to a Special Operational Forces Prep program and The Rock Church Coronado Microsite.  With local connections to a large local network of former and active Navy SEALs, our founders soon determined that we could take Special Forces Training to the next level by incorporating one-on-one mentorship, advanced team-building, leadership training as well as nutritional coaching.  And so, Proteus SOFPREP was born.

Through the lens of the original concept of Proteus Fitness & Training, we naturally provided an organic support system for our members – most of who, by nature of our location in the largest concentration of Military personnel (active & retired) in the United States, simply happened to be Military Personnel or spouses.  And so Proteus Academy was launched to provide truly elite Special Forces prep training as well as Social & Educational programs for service Men & Women and their families to facilitate personal growth, networking and a sense of stability that is all too often missing from their lives.